Women's Health

Exceptional Medical Care For The Women Of Our Community

The Women’s Health Team at Heart and Health Medical is a team of female medical providers specializing in various areas of Women’s Health from Allergies to Hormones, to Cardiology and Dermatology, Heart and Health Medical has female Doctors & Medical Providers with the specialized training and understanding of the unique needs of our female patients. 

Female Doctors Treating Female Patients

Heart and Health Medical recognizes that a large percentage of female patients prefer female medical providers. 

The Women’s Health Team provides medical care to women of the Long Island community who want the best doctors and providers available and prefer to be treated by female specialists. 

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Women's Health Medical Providers

Dr. Infantino, Women's Health Doctor

Dr. Mary Infantino

Anti-Aging & Hormones

Female Podiatrist

Dr. Esther Hansen


Female Primary Care Provider

Sandy M. Terc

Dermatology & Family Medicine

Female Nurse Practitionier

Ilyse Raziano

Allergy & Immunology

Female Allergy Specialist

Jacquelyn Guida

Allergy & Immunology

Women's Health Primary Care

Krystie Kramer

Primary Care

Female Heart Specialist

Samantha Hoffman


Female Doctors Treating Female Patients

Women's Health Specialties

Women’s Health of Heart and Health Medical has a full team of female Medical Specialists to provide preventative medical care with diagnosis and specialty care across the health spectrum. 

The Women’s Health Team has 4 offices on Long Island, they work out of each of the Heart and Health Medical locations. 

Allergy & Immunology


Autoimmune Conditions

Bio-identical hormones




Family Medicine

Gastroesophageal Reflux Dysfunction (GERD)

Internal Medicine

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Menopause Management

Osteoporosis Care

Podiatry Care

Primary Care

Thyroid issues

Weight loss

Women’s Health

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Four Convenient Locations In Nassau & Suffolk County